About us

Why Open a dog day care?

My family volunteered at Lakeland Animal Shelter in Elkhorn for several years.  We noticed that 99.9 % of the dogs would not have been there if it weren't for their humans/caretakers.  Most of the dogs were given up or strays because the owners did not take the time to train their pups or spend time with them.  Some people found new girlfriends/boyfriends who did not like their dogs, others spent too much time at work or with their individual pursuits, some had babies and their dog didn't "fit in".  There are so many reasons why people turn dogs in we couldn't begin to cover them here.  

Then we took shelter dogs to retirement homes.  It took a lot of time but the rewards where definitely worth it!  One woman who couldn't talk or walk was sitting in a large room with the several other patients.  She basically was in her "own world".  When I put her hand on the shelter dog's head she started stroking the dog and made audible noises. I could only think that maybe she had a dog at one time and this shelter dog was bringing back wonderful memories to her.

Since that time we have adopted several dogs!  

Because of our love for all dogs and our concerns for homeless dogs we decided that opening a dog day care was very worthwhile goal! Keeping dogs busy and happy and keep their owners happy too ultimately leads to keeping dogs out of shelters!  WE LOVE OUR WORK!!!!!!

Lucky Dog! Dog Day Care opened on November 1, 2004.  

We are a 4500 square foot indoor facility with another 1000 square foot outdoor play area.

Our indoor area is complete with a tunnel, high jumps, long jumps and lots of toys.

A typical day includes:

Dogs arrive and the fun begins!
Snack time
Rest time
Singing and dancing or outdoor play when weather permits

Snack time
Rest time
Ball and frisbee playtime
Story Time

Basic obedience training is a normal part of the day.

We have experienced great success in helping Moms and Dads raise their 
puppies. We help with potty and obedience training.  In addition, the puppies get to socialize and learn how to get along with other dogs.  We have had several dogs who started as pups and are growing up with us

Harper and Jorgi have been coming since they were puppies and they are best friends.